Are Safety Surfaces’ products manufactured in Australia?

Safety Surfaces products are sourced from local Australian manufacturers. Our Synthetic Grasses and the majority of our Rubber Surface products are Australian made by locally owned companies. We are committed to supplying and using Australian made products wherever possible!

Are your Synthetic Grass products harmful to children?

Absolutely NOT!  In fact, the vast majority of our installations are in the Kindy, Early Learning and School environments.  These areas have some of the highest standards and regulations to ensure safety for children placed in their care.

All our synthetic grass products are manufactured right here in Australia to a standard.  As a consequence, we can provide assurance that our products are 100% non-carcinogenic and 100% lead and heavy metal free.

If you are concerned about safety for your family, please consider whether the same assurance can be provided for a cheap import grass!

Are your Synthetic Grass products pet friendly?

Yes!  It is in fact common place for dog kennels to replace constantly worn yards with our Synthetic Grass products to ensure both a nicer appearance and a practical surface for the constant traffic of animals and pets.

Waste from pets is easily collected and removed from the synthetic grass surface.  It is recommended that periodically the synthetic grass surface be hosed clean ot help dilute the ammonia content of animal urine on the surface and prevent long term damage.

Are your Synthetic Grass products safe with regard to fire?

Yes!  All Safety Surfaces' synthetic grass products are tested for their flammability by our manufacturers.  While the products we supply will burn, they will not carry a flame and are quite safe.  If you have concerns, please contact us to request copies of the test reports from our manufacturers.

Can I install your Synthetic Grass products myself?

Just to be straight forward from the outset, we do recommend professional installation for all our products.  While installation may seem quite straight forward, there are many considerations during preparation and laying where experience counts.  With the experience of our professional team, we can assure that you end up with the desired look and longevity for your installation.

If you understand this and are still convinced that you would prefer to install our synthetic grass products for yourself, then please do contact us to discus your supply only requirements.  Please understand though, that our business is the supply & installation of these products.  While we aim to be as helpful as we can for those that choose to self-install, we are not available for support, coaching or direction during your installation process.

Do your Synthetic Grass products offer UV protection to limit sun damage?

Yes!  Our synthetic grass yarns contain state of the art technology and offer the highest UV stability for light exposure currently available worldwide.

How do I clean my Synthetic Grass?

Typically our synthetic grass products do not require cleaning at all.  However, if your grass does appear to require cleaning due to a spill or similar, typically the area can simply be hosed clean to dilute and remove the spill.

Should  the area of concern be a little more stubborn, you can use a very diluted water to chlorine (4:1) mix to clean the spill.  When using the chlorine mix, wipe the area with the mix to remove the spill and then immediately hose off the residue and chlorine mix.

How does the cost of Synthetic Grass compare with natural turf?

Let's not kid ourselves, synthetic grass does have a high initial cost when compared to natural turf.  However, consider the longer cost of ownership for a minute.

To properly install natural turf and to ensure it can be maintained, you do require preparation, under-turf soil, fertilizer and a watering system.  The weekly maintenance then obviously extendsto mowing, fuel, fertilizer, water and top-dressing.  If something goes wrong, you may need to re-lay new turf again.  These costs begin to mount in no short amount of time when added to the initial preparation and installation of the turf.  Synthetic grass over the same period of ownership typically requires nothing more than an occasional brooming or going over with a leaf blower.

These costs over time typically come to parody around year 4 or 5 and from that point on, synthetic grass is actually the cheaper alternative!

Is it OK to walk on Safety Surfaces’ Synthetic Grass products?

Yes!  Of course you're able to use our synthetic grass products in exactly the same way you would a natural turf surface.  Our grass products are very resiliant and have stood the test of high traffic environments such as Kindy's, Early Learning Centres & Schools.  Our products are manufactured to provide a soft and realistic under-foot feel, similar to that of lush natural turf.

What about water and drainage when installing Synthetic Grass?

Drainage is a critically important consideration when preparing to install Synthetic Grass.  Our professional installation service makes certain your sub-base and drainage requirements are adequately met to deliver the lowest maintenance result possible for your installation.

When properly prepared, synthetic grass has drainage proprieties similar to that of natural turf.  The backing material of the synthetic grass helps to directed water flow, whilst being perforated and allowing gentle ground penetration at a safe rate.  Your synthetic grass also contains an amount of sand infill that allows for the capture of additional water allowing time for drainage through to the sub-base or evaporation.

What applications can your Synthetic Grass products be used for?

Safety Surfaces' synthetic grass and wet pour (or softfall rubber) products have an almost limitless number of applications.  Some of the more common applications include:

  • Kindergarten Playgrounds
  • Early Learning Centre Playgrounds
  • School Playgrounds and Sports Facilities
  • Hotels, Resorts & Caravan Parks
  • Rooftop Areas
  • Commercial Common Areas
  • Sports and Sporting Fields
  • Grass Landscape Areas
  • Theme Parks
  • Retirement Centres & Respite Facilities
  • Residential Landscape Areas & Backyards
  • Pool Surrounds
  • Pathways
  • Entertaining Areas
  • And Many, Many More

In fact if you are reading this, you probably have an area perfectly suited to the installation of our synthetic grass or wet pour rubber products.

What if my Synthetic Grass surface is dmaged or requires repair?

If your synthetic grass surface surface has been damaged by environmental causes, service access or in fact almost any kind of damage it can likely be easily repaired.  Safety Surfaces can professional assess the damage and advise on the most economical and aesthetic repair option.  Most repairs that can be re-seamed with not even be visible immediately after the repair.  If your repair requires the removal of a section of grass to be replaced, there may be a slight change in the colour tone of the replacement grass.  Again, Safety Surfaces experienced team can advise the best repair outcome to minimize any such concerns.

What is the life expectancy of your Synthetic Grass products?

Safety Surfaces' offers premium quality products, sourced from specialist Australian manufacturers.  These manufacturers warrant their synthetic grass products for a period of 7 years against UV damage and manufacturing faults.  However, under normal circumstances in a residential application our products have lasted much longer than this.  In fact, in low traffic environments with reasonable care, our products can last more than twice the manufacturer's warranty period.

What sort of maintenance is required to care for your Synthetic Grass products?

One of the many benefits of installing our Synthetic Grass is the comparatively low level of maintenance required.  In fact, after professional installation, maintenance is limited to an occasional brooming or blowing of the surface to remove any debris.  Some clients actually like the natural look of leaves and similar debris that settle on our synthetic grass.

Where can your Synthetic Grass products be installed?

Our Synthetic Grass products can be installed in almost any situation or area.  We can install a synthetic grass surface to replace existing or damaged natural turf.  In this instance it is crucially important to properly prepare a suitable base to install the synthetic grass surface.  You should be wary of anyone that offers to install Synthetic Grass without properly preparing a solid sub-base.

Installation of a synthetic grass surface can also be installed to timber decks, tiles, pavers, concrete and other outdoor surface areas.  The level of preparation varies for each of these applications.  Preparation is key to a successful installation and you can rest assured that our professional installation service will provide you with the best looking result possible for your application.

Why install Synthetic Grass?

Well you wouldn't be reading this if you weren't already considering installing our Synthetic Grass products, so you obviously already have an idea that there are some significant benefits to installing synthetic grass as opposed to other alternatives.  Here is a small list of advantages to installing our synthetic grass products if you are still a little undecided:

  • No Mowing
  • No Watering
  • No Fertilizing
  • No Pesticides
  • No Prickles or Weeds
  • No Lawn Clippings Blowing Into Areas You Don't Want Them Like Pools and Entertaining Areas
  • No Tracking Mud or Muck From Outside to Inside
  • No Grass Allergies
  • Year Round Green & Lush Appearance


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