Rubber Wood MulchRubber Wood Mulch provides an attractive, extremely long lasting and virtually maintenance free covering for landscape and garden areas in any residential or commercial situation.  Rubber Wood Mulch is made from 100% pre-coloured recycled rubber but looks just like real wood splinters.

Rubber Wood Mulch is safe and helps conserve moisture in the soil around the roots of flowering plants and shrubs, significantly reducing water use. This combined with providing solution for used car tyres makes this product very environmentally friendly.

Rubber Wood Mulch does not deteriorate from water absorption, decay, blow away or float away in heavy rain. Rubber Wood Mulch reduces weed growth and allows water and nutrients to permeate but does not provide a medium for weed seeds or a food source for insects or termites.  Best of all, Rubber Wood Mulch can maintain its "as new" look for years.

Rubber Wood Mulch can be laid as thick or thin as you or your situation requires.  Given the density and the lack of deterioration, it is possible to achieve similar results to traditional mulch types at much thinner applications rates.  Laid at a depth of 20mm, we can achieve a coverage rate of approximately 3m2 per 25kg.

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