Safety Surfaces' synthetic grass systems are manufactured right here in Australia by the leader in the field for over 30 years; Grassman.  Grassman have developed the most durable synthetic bowling green.  We can supply an all weather, low- maintenance surface that is designed to withstand Australia’s harsh climate.  All of this whilst still providing a consistently safe, attractive and long wearing surface with impeccable playing characteristics.

The Gum Tree Green™ colour is aesthetically natural, with a lush, manicured lawn appearance.  It also has less joins with a width of over 3.72 metres.  With the use of the patented underlay, DUCC™ we can provide a playing surface that is cushioned and cool underfoot.  With DUCC's™ drainage characteristics, the ground is ready to play literally minutes after a rain shower has passed.

For clubs facing an uncertain future over water issues a synthetic grass surface is the only surface to consider.  No water required.  Synthetic also lowers maintenance costs, by eliminating weeding, mowing, fertilising, rolling, and those associated labour costs.

Safety Surfaces can supply and install from a range of products to suit your requirements and budget.


Bowls Tournament Bowls 12mm

Premium quality KDK non-directional yarn suited to lawn bowls
Standard colour is Gum Tree Green™
7 Year Manufacturer Warranty on material

Bowls Ditch Grass

Economical quality specifically designed for the ditch walls of bowls facilities
Standard colour is Gum Tree Green™ 2
7 Year Manufacturer Warranty on material

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