Let's not kid ourselves, synthetic grass does have a high initial cost when compared to natural turf.  However, consider the longer cost of ownership for a minute.

To properly install natural turf and to ensure it can be maintained, you do require preparation, under-turf soil, fertilizer and a watering system.  The weekly maintenance then obviously extendsto mowing, fuel, fertilizer, water and top-dressing.  If something goes wrong, you may need to re-lay new turf again.  These costs begin to mount in no short amount of time when added to the initial preparation and installation of the turf.  Synthetic grass over the same period of ownership typically requires nothing more than an occasional brooming or going over with a leaf blower.

These costs over time typically come to parody around year 4 or 5 and from that point on, synthetic grass is actually the cheaper alternative!

How does the cost of Synthetic Grass compare with natural turf?